May the best mech win


Rung x Fort Max

Follow-up to ‘Outmatched’.

After watching Skids get a heck of a head start on him, Fortress Maximus finally gets the bearings to go talk to Rung.  


Yet again, his finger hovers over the shiny intercom button, poised.  The hallway he’s standing in is empty; Rung’s quarters are right at the end of the corridor, so traffic has been thankfully light.  He’s seen only one other mech so far; when the flyer turned down his way, Fortress Maximus pretended to be busy fiddling with something caught in the wiring of his left servo and eventually the flyer disappeared into his own habsuite, leaving the tank to his private torment.

At this time, Fort Max doesn’t have a plan that covers the eventuality that the flyer might exit his suite and see him there.  Still.  Nearly a quarter of an hour later.

Then just press the damn button and it won’t become a problem.

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Aw man you did it again, hun

Another delightful fic! Lovely work as always<3

First of all, jfc I just love how you write Max. I really, really do. He’s so bashful, over thinks everything, but ends it all with a dashing smile(HOW). Not to mention Rung always so polite and welcoming, knows how to get to Max and ahhh NO WORDS

Absolutely no words because I just end up grinning and smiling and I can’t freakin type when I’m laughin haha

Still, glad to always see another fic from ya! Always brightens my day;v;

dimensionalfragmenteliminator; "Are you still planning on doing the kissing prompts with Brainstorm and Nautica? I'm really looking forward to those and overall more OTP material from such a neat artist! :D"

I want to post thoseeee(」; ロ;)」 but I’ve still got a couple to go before I can.

aw man you’re to nice:’D I’ll try to work on those later uvu

Come on, Groot, do it for the Vine.

Peter Quill after discovering the Internet. (via patrickat)

"Why would he do it for another vine? He has many vines."

 - Drax, upon hearing this conversation

(via thesylverlining)

dodgestreaker; "Are you doodle for drabble trades open :> Been awhile since I wrote a fic and this seems like a cool idea"

Not at the moment sorry! Let me get some other stuff finished first and I might accept one or two:>


mech by ~pandat0r on deviantART

 Art Trade with an awesome person Dataglitch &lt;3
hope you like how i drew Fortress Maximus  ;w;

oh hey it&#8217;s the awesome trade with darklitria!!:D


 Art Trade with an awesome person Dataglitch <3

hope you like how i drew Fortress Maximus  ;w;

oh hey it’s the awesome trade with darklitria!!:D

Anonymous; "You should draw him throwing down some sick beats while weindblade is like the rapper. ahahaa"

Blurr aint got nothin on Windblade’s sick beats